Checkers Challenge

Checkers Challenge 1.0

Play Checkers against your own articifial-intelligence enhanced machine
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Checker Challenge is a fabulous checkers match emulation in which you face your own machine. It will be very entertaining and challenging, since the machine plays quite good.
The graphics are basic, just as if we were in front of an 8x8 checkers board with its respective light and dark squares and the 12 pieces for each player.

For those who don't know checkers, it's a turn-based game which is played only on the dark squares of the board, your can move diagonally only in the forward direction, but not backwards. You win an opponent's piece when one of his pieces is next to one of yours and the square beyond his piece is empty, this disposition allows you to perform a "jump" over your opponent's piece thus winning that piece. Those are the basic instructions for playing checkers.

The music is great, worthy of a good game, incredible piano music meant to relax and help better focus on the match, after all this is a game of concentration and tactics.

Control your game using the mouse, but if you don't enjoy this there is an option in the game's configuration to setup the keys to use with the keyboard. The black pieces are usually the enemy, but if you do like black pieces better there is also an option to assign those to you.

The artificial intelligence of the opponent is excellent and highly difficult especially for those of us who are not experts in checkers; but as you practice, you will learn several strategies that will make each match less difficult, indicating you have successfully learned how to play.

Checker Challenge is an excellent game, but it's not free, the demo version provides a limited amount of time to play, the remaining amount of time will be shown on a small screen when you close the game.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Enhances concentration
  • Learn Checkers
  • Highly relaxing


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